We design an deliver apparatuses for the industrial use of heat like burning, drying or heat treatment.

Our main focus is set on the economy of these apparatuses.

Over 30 years of experiences in heat processes enable us to give an optimal consulting to the customers by our qualified engineers.

With our help your operating result can be improved in terms of cost-value ratio. Your operating result will be better in saving energy.
  All our apparatuses are specially designed for the individual need of each customer and therefore we are able to produce many different and varying constructions.

Our delivery programme is:
  • air preheater to heat burning air by cooling flue gas
  • burning chambers to generate hot gas for processes.
  • air heater, gas or oil heated, for drying processes by high temperature
  • water heater, with or without rip-pipes, behind furnaces to economize the heat process.

Please choose and contact:

ECOTHERM Industriewärmetechnik GmbH
Holzener Dorfstr. 43 · 58708 Menden / Germany
Tel.: 0049 2373  66358 · Fax: 0049 2373  689730 · info@ecotherm-iwt.de